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A simply constructed addition to a common outdoor plastic blow-up pool for kids. If you add an air pocket around the entire base of the pool, you can add tens or hundreds of one-way valves that you can blow air through, into the water, by reversing your indoor/outdoor vacuum and attach it through an inlet to the pool's air pocket, blowing air into the air pocket. Then you add bubble bath to the water and the pool will overfill with bubbles which kids love. A summer full of fun and a bath while you cool off outside. You could even bring the soap and shampoo to add more bubbles and have cleaner kids. The only question is; just how much bubbles can you make? Can you fill the whole backyard? Only you'll know!

If you add a larger area to blow air into the base of the pool, then maybe you can even make it a pool with an under water wave machine all with the same air blowing technology.

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