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By Kevin Leung Cheuk Pan
Ever get tired about getting the clothes wet during rainy day when u're not in home to "save" the clothes. Let's find a solution!

You now have a little container beside the clothes. When there is rain, water goes in. It gets heavy. Using a lever system, the weight of the water container can convert to a motion to close a waterproof cloth up above the clothes to prevent them from getting wet
(Apologize for my bad English, I'm only a student who's not living in the USA.)

Reward: Simple. Just give me one of this thing. Or give me some credits.
By Stig Bakke's brother Stig
Hmm... but if water falls on the container, wouldn't it also fall on the clothes? How about triggering this with a light receptor, closing the cloth when it gets cloudy?
By None
Dont wear any clothes instead
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By Michael D. Grissom
OH!... I get it. He's talking about hanging clothes outside on a rope to dry. I haven't seen that done in over 50 years. My mom used to call this rain problem a 'second rinse from God'.

By-the-way, your english is very good for a second language. If you are in the United States then... WELCOME!!!

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