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By Michael
A rep-cord type of chute where it inflates into an inner body air filled suite fitted to the body's contour. Then an outer air filled suite shaped to have airplane wing form in order to some what navigate its landing. It could be used to evacuate from a burning building to a new way of stealth infiltrating of military personnel, quickly. Or as a new way of dear-devil flying. Of course it would have to be able to cussion the landing to save life and limb.

Reward: Saving life and limb, military applications,or a new entertainment venue.
By Zyx Rationalsit
I didnt understand the idea perfectly but all i can say is that we can create inflateble air cushion shoes for soft landing.
By AaronAgassi
First of all, modern parachutes are already more wing shaped, for better steering.

Secondly, the best mechanism to get emergency parachutes to open instantly even relatively near the ground is with a shotgun shell.

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