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By AaronBurns
Have you ever read the top ten best seller list and knew that you just don't have the time to read ten books a month? Now you can watch ten books a day. With a more thorough dialogue and a full reading of every word in the book put into a watchable format played out like a movie or soap opera then, the seeing can watch the book they meant to read and the blind can hear the book through decent speakers played out by many characters and real time sound. Unlike the books on tape they listen to now wear, you hear several people and see or read several people instead of only one. Also, the deaf can watch the show and read along with the subtitles on that channel.

Really the best TV I can think to watch and the best part is everyone including the elderly with impairments and those with permanent blindness or deafness can all take in the same shows that we want to watch. I know I would watch it and it should be included with all basic cable so, everyone that can't afford all the extras can watch too. We then have a nation of well read people all reading from the TV or watching the best selling books in two to four hours rather than spending two weeks too a month for one book. And for those religious type, you could have your bibles fully read to you in a few episodes! I would also like to catch up on some of those old classic books I always meant too watch. With millions of great books, it makes a never ending supply of TV.

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By Steve
Aaron, I'm not sure if I understand your idea correctly. Are you basically proposing a video edition of the audio books already on the market, where you can see the speakers read (and maybe wear some really cheap and basic costumes)?
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By AaronBurns
The idea is that this would be a Television Channel that showed books done by professional actors. Free or paid programming.
One that all people with disabilities and time limits during the day can enjoy together.
Actual books acted out, like on stage, but, true to the words of the book on your Television.
A TV Channel just like MTV but, instead of music videos the stories are the best books in the World.
In other words; a never ending source for new TV Shows.
I am proposing what could be the next biggest thing in TV.
Now, it's Reality TV and next, it's Book TV!
What do you say?!
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By Steve
Ok, edited the idea title and made a few minor changes to the description.
By mrjones121670
As a new user and an entertainment lover, I feel like you can do that for not only books, but also [b][u]plays or theater [/u][/b]type events. Most people who wishes to see plays and theater events could be included! All performed mediums that are missed by the big screen (TV/Film). I would even help by being a camera operator for you on this project. [b]Good Idea[/b]
By jacobpatrick
hey i think thats pretty cool.
but tv is probably very expensive.
you could set up an audio book website with text and a few pictures.
this is quite a popular service.the bbc are about to launch downloadable tv programs over the internet.
i think this could be a real service.
as well i think poeple would want to put a chapter on there mp3 player and listen on the go.
im interested in going into this maybe we could talk further about this.
i'll look at domain names that would be good for this if you like.
By jacobpatrick
mostly all of the .com extentions on this subject are taken
which implies alot of interest in this field goody goody.
i managed to find a few interesting names though.
read to you and
speak and
but the ones i am interested in are
i think i might buy one of these before they all get snapped up
By DFercho
:-D Great idea. I was just thinking about this the other day. I read books incessantly and at one point and time was the same with movies before children.

I thought what a great idea for books to be able to be purchased on demand just like movies on cable that would show the words and dialoque right to your home tv.

I like the idea about full character participation but it may be very costly but until then why not have some sort of macro character set not unlike visualizations that can be picked on your pc while music is playing.

i.e. sceneray, pre-determined animations of characters that would correspond to the number of characters that happen to be in the dialoque of the book at that time.

The whole idea is to have the book read to you via your tv and that it itself would be extremely enjoyable and what a great time for the entire family.

Would love to help if I could
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By AaronBurns
You have brought up a good idea and I think the answer is, to put the books into, literally, Cartoon form and show them that way.
Then, when they catch on, we can have live, professional actors doing and playing out the, entire, book, word for word.
After all, they did "Alice in Wonderland" several times with professional actors and they were great.
They, also, did many other books as well but, they did not speak them word for word. :-D
By helco
I know this is an old thread, but ... One thing confuses me: How would watching a TV version of a book be faster than actually reading it? Is there something in this concept that I've missed? Try simply reading a page to yourself and then read it aloud; reading aloud takes much longer, and that's not even counting the "action" that would be required for the TV version. How could this permit you to "read" ten books a day? (Even if you spent all day, every day, in front of the TV.) Also, most books do not consist solely of dialog. Would descriptive passages (scenery, appearance of people, inner states, action) simply be read aloud? What about the author's voice commenting on the action, characters, meaning, etc.? What about the author's distinctive style (one of the pleasures of reading good books)? How would that be conveyed?

At least with audio books all of the author's words are preserved -- and one can do something else at the same time -- wash the dishes, drive ...

Also -- as has been pointed out -- having books acted out would be expensive -- costumes, scenery, cameras etc. How would this be paid for? Unless you're watching something subsidized, such as Masterworks Theater, you'd end up with all sorts of ads interrupting the action. Or, as you suggested, prepaid -- but I bet it would be a whole lot cheaper to simply buy the book -- not to mention taking it out of the library.

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