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By AaronBurns
The cheapest way to make your cat the happiest cat you'll ever see. I have spent 75 American dollars on two cat beds and plenty on comfy furniture and the cats prefer what I dropped on the floor. What we need is a cardboard cat bed because, that is where they will stay. They are light weight and you can even put them up high on piece of furniture, like on top of a book case, so, the dog can't harass them anymore. They are small and the cats will gravitate to them and stay in them. Not only that but, they love to scratch on them and they obsorb all liquids like liquid cat nip. Just let them sleep there and then let them destroy them. So cheap they can be allowed to do anything (And they will!) to these cardboard beds shaped for any size cat and shaped in circles or squares with sides and openings and even have fully inclosed ones for them to hide from the dog or other cats in the house that are a pain for them to deal with. I wouldn't have brought up this subject but, my cats have been sleeping and hanging out in the old canned cat food boxes for the past two to three years and they never get board of them. They could come in different thicknesses so that they last but, even the thin ones last for ever. You could make one yourself but, to get the right height, weight and shape and trhickness of cardboard then you would want a pre-manufactured one. Still cheap so, buy ten or twenty!
They could all fit inside one another or just come flat for easy storage and pull open for the full open shape. Cheap and easy. The cats are crazy for them. Literally!
What about making other products for them out of cardboard? They like the stuff and more products might be a viable option sometime in the future. Imagine that. The future of cat beds comes from 100 years in the past. Who would of thought of that?

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