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By AaronBurns
With Carpet Hooks, you can hook into the natural under-laying structure of any carpet. All carpets have fairly large, plastic, squares that the carpet is woven into. If you utilize this under-laying to adhere anything to it, it will never tip over or come out unless you want it too. The hooks are not sharp and they just go into the holes in the under side of the carpet doing no damage to the carpet at all and you can use them for anything from delicate furniture to punching bags or whatever you can imagine that you would want to stay up-right or in place on a carpet where no pet or child can knock over. If you're in California USA (like Arnold) earth quakes would knock over everything. But, with these hooks, nothing falls over. Just think of all the possibilities of the carpet hook. They just weave in and weave out into the holes already there. You could probably buy them at a very cheap price and put them every where you have something on carpet. Hundreds everywhere!

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