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By AaronBurns
You could have pouches in clothing where a hard material (like cotton) shaped like a hook or hanger that could be pulled out for hanging in your closet or where ever you need to hang your clothes. This would be great at home or out on a trip where you want to hang or dry your clothes. The hanger wouldn't irritate you because it is made of hard materials and hidden in a pouch below the level where you would feel the hanger and is made of natural cloth of some kind. It could be considered not seen at all or a fashion statement and seen out in the open, in or out of the pouch (Much like the zippers of the 80's).

The new hangers could be added to any kind of clothing and eliminate any extra process or object to hang your clothes. I believe this would improve your time and closet space amongst other advantages to not having too many or not enough hangers in your closet taking up valuable space or wasted money and useless trips to the store buying more hangers. These hangers are always wearable and you can choose from any favorite type of clothing once they are in every type of clothing.

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