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By dbojan
At 8 am someone is ringing at your door, for half an hour. Enough to wake you up, but not enough for you to get up. If only there was a button marked "Press here to leave message". After pressing it, the message would be videotaped (or audio recorded only in cheaper version). You could find out who it was and what he or she wanted.

Based on a true story :)

Reward: An orange. (I am thirsty right now.)
By jacobpatrick
i think thats brilliant.
if anyone makes one of these can you please sell me one or tell me how to make my own.
By jacobpatrick
buy a cheap mp3 player with record feature and an intercom.
take apart wire the button on the intercom to the record button on the mp3.
wire the mic on the intercom to the mic on the mp3.
leave a note telling the visitor what to do and hey presto.

buy the way that could all be very dangerous so please dont try this.
and if you do try this dont sue me if it all goes pearshape.
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By Greenearthman
How about using a note pad by the doorbell? Maybe next to or on the lid of the mailbox or the visitor should write a note and place it in the mailbox, tape it to the front door.
How about a security system that would let you know inside your house someone was on your porch?
or you can leave a voicemail message on their cell phone........
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