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By nicholas anthony
Currently companies sell GPS locating devices for vehicles, so the police know where your car is when it's lost. What if you were able to buy penny size locators for everything you own? You could put them on your bike (or could put it on your lost bike), that canoe that traveled down stream without you, that 10 foot model rocket that caught a huge gust of wind, your dog or cat, your boat, family heirlooms, cell phone, credit card, purse, or even your secret diary that was blown away in the hurricane. The owner could view the location of their possessions from their computer. The chips would be placed on the object and then turned on by an access code from your computer. They would run on very tiny batteries that last a lifetime, since they wouldn't be used much. After the code has been entered, the card would send an automatic signal to the computer whenever the owner wants one.

If the locator were ever taken off, the location of the incident would automatically be sent to your computer. This would be done using a trigger of some sort (like a spring) that once released would automatically send the signal. This would stop a criminal from tricking an individual to the location of the stolen possession. They wouldn't be able to place the locator on a truck at a rest stop, and then take the goods to their nearby home. The owner could take the locator off of an object and place it onto something else, and would have to be turned on again by the access code. The size of these devices depends on technology. Today GPS devices are as small as a baseball. In the future they could be the size of a penny.

Reward: the product.
By byfordtickle
Check out this company call Applied DigitaL Solution,SYMBOL
"ADSX". They have a product ths size of a grain of rice very similar to what u r talking about. Digtal Angel Corp. also. Future medical advantages are great..Hope this sheds light on what u r looking for.Human implantable also... :-?
By nicholas anthony
Thanks, I checked out there site! :-) Maybe we all will be able to afford these devices.
By w_eley
Ive seen alot of technology going into digital UPC,s for products. They can store all the info on the procuct and maybe even be tracked by GPS. The cost effective implementation of these devices would be amazing. When you went to the grocery store you could just push your cart up to the register and it could automatically scan all of your items. anyways check it out

also check out Electroncs Design Magazine they have alot of cool stuf in there, I dont know if it is free or not i get it through work.
By sneezyalex
sure you can get those. A lot of government agencies use thins like that. I once heard there is one as small as a grain of sand. All the person has to do is plant it.
By Kagaya
not to the extent of as wide coverage as GPS, there's RFID tag.

Radio Frequency Identification tag is some sort like those typical anti-theft device you find attached to the clothes in a boutique but at a much smaller scale (as small as a rice grain) and requires no battery. They are like 1 stone kill 2 birds; for stock tracking + security and logistic management where RFID is touted to replace bar code.

Perhaps there might be system that mate together the RFID system together with GPS system for remote access to tagged object on Earth.

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