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By dbojan
This is yet another search solution for things you may lose within you own four walls - but with a new twist.

Remember those key pendandts that made sound when you whistle? Something like that for finding small objects like phone or remotes. There would be one base unit (appliance). You could change frequency on it (135, 136,137 ...) with simple + - buttons. When click on send it would transmit that frequency in small area. Enough for house or flat.

Each small object would come with receiver set to certain frequency. Remote will respond with some sound when it hears frequency 135. DVD remote to 136. Phone (handset) would respond to 138.

Receivers could be on stickers. You would get package of 10 when you buy base unit. You could glue it to small objects.

Reward: New remote for VHS.
By Ars3naL
You could also put a blueprint of your house into the program and turn this into a tracking device with a red flashing light indicating where your lost belonging is.
By jacobpatrick
so the stick on patches woulld pick up this signall and start beeping
i think this is brilliant thousands of times ive lost my phone or the remote.
its also good because its a relatively simple idea' and you could make these things cheap as dirt.
those whistle keychain things used to sell for about £2.

and all that this is, is a small transmitter for about£20
and a small reciever attached to one of those speakers
you see in a singing birthday card they could be made for about 10pence each. brilliant
if your not familliar theres $2 to £1 at the moment
By dbojan
Maybe rfid tags could be used for this, too.
By sneezyalex
Sharper Image in the US has things just like this.
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