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By nicholas anthony
I'm a guy and I wash my own clothes. I wash my clothes at any time during the day, including at night. I don't mind if they are wrinkly. I like to set the timer on my clothes and then go to sleep. Sometimes when I check them the next day, even sometimes after a few days, I find that they are still damp. This is terrible for my clothes and I sometimes rewash them after I have left damp clothes in the dryer too long. I find damp clothes in the dryer about one out of every three times I do laundry. I could always leave them in longer but I don't want to always over dry them, which I believe isn't good for the fabric. So what if companies made dryers that determined on its own how long each load should take to dry and then automatically turn off? This could prevent my loads from being damp some of the time, without possible damaging my clothes by drying them too long.

Reward: A discount on the product or possibly the productif it sells big.
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By Steve
My instincts tell me that something like this may already be out there, but we will see... ;-)
By jughead
Yes this product is available from a number of brands. When you go and buy this why not check out the microwaves that turn off when the food is hot enough as well. I think you'll like it.
By mavenguru
Please look for an LG combination washer dryer. Oddly it has b oth a washer and a dryer in one device so you can simply put your clothes in set the specification for type, dryness dirtyness and it does the rest.
Problem, it has a smaller load than separate devices.
I believe that it has a delay on so that you can use it when the electrical utility rates are cheaper.
By garry
Have you considered the possibility you have a faulty dryer.
By GadgetmanKen
I don't know if they exist or not but I think some kind of humidity sensor built in could leave them running longer. Doesn't seem to difficult. As for the the all in one Washer/Dryer I'd like to see one of them. I've seen the over under apartment types with the dryer on top, and yes they are small.

What I'd like to see is a washer with two dryers, one on top of the other, or side by side, but then you'd have to expand your laundry room. It always turns out you have more than one load to do, and you end up waiting for the first load to dry, and when it does you, invaribly forget to put the second, or third load into dry, sitting in the washer to long and have to rewash. Or you end up with two or three loads waiting to dry sometimes while waiting for the first load to get dry.
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By Nicklshort
I know I'm late to the party, but I have a 21 year old Maytag washer/dryer that has his feature and the dryer runs based on a sensor for humidity ....I never set a timer (although it has that setting) and I can select if I want the load more/less dry. It also has a five minute "cool down" which cycles the clothes without heat so they don't have wrinkles set by the heat.
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