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By DFercho
Great for sneeking your own liquor into bars and restaurants. Be the cheap person that I am, I tried my best to sneak in pint bottles so I would not have to pay the premium for my mixed drinks. This however go fairly unattractive in the summer trying to lug a pint bottle in my shorts or jeans.

My idea would be to packetized liquor (obviously not in sizes greater than shot) in a dissolving capsule that would release the liquor when it touches your mixing beverage of choice.

Reward: Some recgonition and some free samples
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By Michael D. Grissom
This is a really REALLY great idea!!!

You can make shot-sized clear gelatin caps in the shape of ice cubes and fill them with the alcohol of your choice.

Put one of your soft clear tasteless vitamin E capsules (made from gelatin) into some alcohol to see if it dissolves. I have a capsule but don't have any alcohol -- else I would have posted the results here.
By DFercho
Thanks for the response. Will give it a "shot" with the Vit E and will let you know what happens.
By DFercho
Actually had some Vit E caps at the house and dropped it into a glass of soda pop. I know you had mentioned placing it into alcohol but the alcohol would be in the cap so did not make sense to me at the time as to why the suggestion to place the cap in alcohol.

The capsule took forever to dissolve and still needed a little prodding to break free. Not sure if they can make them thinner to dissolve quicker but still the concept would work. I imagine that people would not want them breaking in their pocket to quickly so maybe the little prodding that needs to be done to break open would be worth it.

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By Michael D. Grissom
The suggestion to drop it into alcohol is because that's what you intend to put into the capsule and if the alcohol can eat it's way out then you'll have a real mess in your pocket.
By Rishi
You hit the nail on the head! Gelatine capsules are a no, no. In India we get almost any liquid in satchets. The government sells native liquor in plastic satchets.
One can buy convenient sized polyethylene bags from any store along with a portable sealer. Then fill it up with the poison of choice, seal , and off to the bar. By way of insurance, this bag can be sealed inside a slightly larger one. This will stand normal abuse, but not being sat upon. At my earlier posting, I did trials for the government in a federal biomedical research lab and cleared polyethylene as safe for packing liquor.

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By Steve
Haven't pondered about this very long, just my first idea - if there's already liquid (partly water) on the inside and it's supposed to stay in there during transport, then I guess you can't expect to dissolve the whole thing just by applying water on the outside. So releasing the liquor has to be triggered by something else - maybe by the carbonic acid in the softdrink, or by the difference in temperature.

You could also powderize a powerful chemical, fill it into a water-soluble wrapper and attach it to the liquor capsule. Once you toss it into the water, the first wrapper will dissolve and release the chemical. The chemical will dissolve in the water and then dissolve the capsule to release the liquor. Voila! :-D
By bgin
have you considered a tube like a swizzel stick or a drink stirer straw etc. slim yet capable of holding an ounce and a half of liquer easy to transport then looks like your stiring a regular soda while adding your spirit.
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By Steve
The straw idea came to my mind as well - I was wondering though if you'd not be causing some suspicion by bringing your own straw (especially once the idea takes off and the product is better known).

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