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By Rapunze123
There are already a few devices invented for applying lotions, creams and ointments to one's back. However, these devices and inventions are made to be used, then cleaned after each application.

My idea is for disposable pre-moistened lotion strips, which come in soft-sided packs like they use for travel sized hand wipes. These strips would be a little longer than the average arm span of an adult. Each end would have a series of 3 slits cut into the material to accomodate differing arm span widths.

The disposable lotion strip is draped over the neck, a thumb or index finger is inserted into the slit on each end, which best suits the arm span. Using a "shoe shine" motion, the lotion strip is then shimmied up and down, dispensing the lotion to the hard-to-reach areas on the back. The strips can also be used to shimmy down the backs of the legs, even to the bottoms of the feet.

This disposable lotion strip could also be used for medicinal rubs or even pre-applied with self-tanning products. Not only would able-bodied people benefit, but those with limited mobility would be able to reach those areas with ease.

The advantage of disposable lotion strips over a permanent unit, is that there is no cleaning afterward. Bacteria accumulate quickly on the usual terry-cloth ends of the "reaching stick" hardware units.

Reward: I'd like a month's supply of the body lotion strips.
By Rapunze123
Disposable paper gloves used for dispensing lotions or creams, might be a very good idea for applications to the legs or arms, but it wouldn't address the problem of those hard-to-reach areas on the back.

The paper gloves would be an excellent idea for people less skillful at handling awkward towelettes.

Thanks for your input! ;)
By Denzel
Well that sounds great because they are best for going outside instead of keeping those jars and bottle packs and also cheap enough. Thanks for sharing. I like it
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