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By Doug_F
Simple idea, just add an on/off button for your keychain that is associated with your interior and headlights of your vehicle. How many times have you left the lights on and killed your battery, or been sitting in your house only to realize you left the lights on. I dont know if it's possible or not, but on that note, why not make a switch that enabled you to cut off any power the battery might be using while your car is off, just in case you forgot about something.
I'm sorry if I just wasn't paying attention or what, but it would seem to me that if you accidentally leave your lights on in the car, what good would it do having a "Power Kill" button on your remote? If you're always forgetting to turn off the lights in your car, what makes you believe that you'll remember to press the "Power Kill" button on your remote? And if you had the foresight to hit the button on your remote, then you'd might as well have just turned off the lights in the car before you walked away from it in the first place.

Most remotes only transmit a few feet away from the car anyway, so it isn't like you can hit the "power kill" switch from the your hotel room while away on a business trip and you just realized that you had left your lights on in the airport parking lot. It won't work.

Then again, there's On-Star, the GM wireless assistance system that I believe will do just about everything, including turning off your headlights with just a phone call.
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