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By Bharat
As a cellphone is usually always with its owner at all times, not answering the ringing phone, for any reason, often causes the caller to think (s)he is being avoided. It would help greatly if I could press a button on my cellphone when it rings, and the caller could hear a message in my voice recorded on the phone - like "Sorry, I am driving right now - I'll call you back", or, "I am in a meeting. Please call later". The possibilities are endless, and the utility immense. It won't cost much either.

Reward: Two such cellphones - my wife would like one too!
By Doug_F
i was actually just about to post a topic on this subject. I envision taking a page from the ppl at AOL instant messenger, and integrating a sort of "away message" idea for cell phone usage. Pre-record several messages, or choose from a selection, and when you are in the middle of something, ie at work on the phone, leave your cell with an away message on. With the message on, your phone would only ring once, and the person calling you woud know exactly why you arent' answering. It could also have like a bypass number in case there was ever an emergency. I have been planning this out for a few days now, and I'm trying to figure out how to make it happen
By Bharat
Cellphone service providers already provide an option to forward all incoming calls to a Voice Mail box, where usually the caller can be greeted with a personal message. This, however, is usually a cumbersome process which takes a long time to activate. We need something short and crisp. Your IM-type of recording ready replies is a good one. May the force be with you {electro-motive :-) }

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