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By DFercho
Why is there such a high rate of failure in not only marriage but also relationships with partners, children, etc.

My personal opinion is that we do not remind ourselves to think about our spouse enough. The bottom line is that we do not have an alarm in our heads or a reminder bow tied around our fingers to remember some important things. We have reminders for everything, alarms to wake up, reminders to make meetings, a calendar to tell you holiday dates, palm pilots, beeps to let you know your food is done, calling services, pagers, etc. etc. and NONE remind you to think about the ones that you love.

Nothing that reminds you that you are married (when you are at the bars drinking and possibly carousing), about when you met, how you met, that they need you, that if you make certain choices how this could affect you, something that reminds you about the little things, gives you ideas on the spur of the moment on how to show the little things. (i.e. drive to you wife/husbands office and leave a note on her/his car asking for lunch date, etc.).

My idea is this: Service (web-based planner of sorts). This would not only be a service but a product as well. What the service will accomplish is that it will be your subconscious on steroids specifically helping to focus you on the one that you love based on the systems time frame and not on yours.

This service will send reminders, ideas, things to think about, things to remember, things to do, things to say, things to look forward to, Goals reached, goals to strive for, music to move you, special offers of dinner for two, movies, dates, tid bits of information about your partner/ spouse directly driven by, days of birth (i.e. what happened the year your spouse/partner was born, what happened in the world the same day you were married, engaged, first met etc. etc.)

The easy part is that the service will think for you and will not wait for you to get around to thinking for yourself.

This service will tie into your email, voicemail, paging system, text messaging, black berry, desk top clock (obviously a product that would need to be made - not unlike sirrius radio where you can remove the system and plug into car or desktop radio)

Could also have a watch, bracelet or some other form of device that you could wear to have these reminders sent. Stylish enough where you could wear and still feel proud and not hindered by another product on your hip or wrist.

Reward: Would like to help
By idea_god
I believe this idea has potential.... i am trying to think of a product along the same lines...
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By Michael D. Grissom
WEDDING BAND!!!??? GASP!!! NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

tee shirts are MUCH cheaper! ;-D ;-D ;-D
By Fishy Bizniss
yeah i agree with sarah beth! The wedding ring is meant to remind u of your precious love! plus if you forget about the one you love then perhaps you dont love them??! B-)
By sneezyalex
Not married yet and hopefull won't for a long time.
By usnlove619
If you are in a relationship, or are married you should not have to be reminded of your significant other or your spouse. If you can not be loyal, you should not be in a relationship. The idea for the resturaunt ideas ect is a better idea. ;-D
By gina
This is insane to me!! I am 26 have been married for 7 years. My world revolves around him. Everything I do is for him and the quality of our life together. We work and function as a team (the way marriage is supposed to be!). If you are married and need a reminder to take time with your mate, your vision of marriage is severely askued. I am sorrry for you.
By chris_toff7
I was thinking perhaps we could modify this idea into some sort of system where a person would log all important dates ie anniversaries, birthdays and so on onto a website. Then we use a system to call that person a week befor the important date and remind them of it with a phone call or text message. We could even send flowers to their loved ones or book tickets for a night out for them. This will obviously prevent them from forgetting and providing the other person didnt find out create a better relationship for them. I reckon that's a winner it could be called "never forget"

Let me know what you think!
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By Beezy3
OK but what if you forget that you ordered flowers etc... and you partener thanks you for them and you ask what flowers??(or other gift)
By Whiteheat
A friend of mine already had an idea similar to this. It has been in the works for over a year now. I just PM'ed him and he said that the site is almost complete (signup process is still not working - he said it was in demo mode whatever that is) It should be working in the next week or so.

It is called (romance reminders) ( ) and is a way to add freshness to your relationship. It sends out romance tips and ideas at the interval you choose (once a week up to once a month I believe). Plus you get personal reminders for birthdays, anniversaries or any other special event in you life. You also have an area called romance central with helpful information like romantic movies, anniversary milestones, romantic getaway ideas...

Please feel free to check it out if you would like. I will post back here when it is officially open to signup so you don't get this demo mode signup.
By Whiteheat
Romance Reminders

My friend told me today that is currently accepting new member signups if anyone is interested.

I have been beta testing for him over the last month or so and all I can say is that it has really made a difference in my relationship. I was sceptical at first but it works. My wife doesn't know I have this service helping out but I doubt she would complain. I like the romace ideas because they are easy and inexpensive and they make her feel special.

I promised I would let you guys know when it was up and running so here it is. Enjoy it as much as I have...
By probass16
if you really love them, then you'll be thinking about them a lot in the first place. and you can put stuff in your PDA and on the calander that remind you of dates, that's what they're for. and what happens if you breakup with someone for a different reason? they would have to go in and mess around in there. and i don't feel like having my head split open every 6 months or so. people break up for other reasons than not paying attention. so if you don't think of them in the first place, you shouldn't be with them.
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