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By DFercho
How many dollars are spent annually on door dings? Tons I am sure. My idea would be some sort of instant inflatable shield that can be adhered to the doors on the outside of your car that would hang and cover the doors.

To detour theft of these shields the product would need to somehow be able to lock into your car window or .... It may not need to cover the entire door. Maybe is a long inflatable tube the covers the horizontal length of the door and adheres with a magnet.

Reward: 1 free set of the product. Would be great to help if at all possible
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By 1313
There is a wonderful solution to this, never pay more than a 1,000 notes for a car!! I never worry about the cosmetics of my car. So long as the brakes engine and steering are in good condition, I am a happy boy with no worries. Washing it is also a waste of water! Sure it looks bad, but peace of mind is wonderful. Its now done 175,000 miles, and it seems to come with its own exclusion zone, nobody wants to park near it!!!! Mind you as a babe magnet it falls over, is that why I am alone?? :-)

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