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By avatar72
The idea is to do away with having to change mother boards etc., by creating modular components that can be stacked much like on a hi-fi system. For example storage (hopefully solid state not hard disk) would be a separate unit. Modules would be joined together much like a stack of lego. Each module would comply with a standard interface connection. The operating system would be completely parallel, thus any number of CPUs could be stacked and the work load would be shared according to each processor's power etc. If you are bill gates, you are not entitled to use this idea - lol

Reward: Tallest stack system that can fit under my roof and a job in your company
By utopiafallen
I might be interpreting this wrong, but computers already do that. Storage devices are already a separate unit, are modular, and comply with standard interfaces. So do CPU, RAM, and graphics cards. The motherboard includes the absolute necessities for connecting each of these together into a operable whole.
By Avatar72_and_a_half
Yes, but i was thinking more like lego blocks, no need to rip things out of your towers, stack system type design. Also hard to just add new CPU without getting a special motherboard that can support more than one. So why not just plonk a new bit of lego with a CPU in it on top, so to speak
By WSparrow23
If you get a server case instead of a standard tower you can keep adding storage, cpu's, RAM, etc until you're broke ;)
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