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By Nicholas Humphries
The SolarTech is a solar satellite aimed at the sun 24/7 much like a tv or radio satellite. It works by sending radio signals to a receiver. It picks up the signal and makes the (car, house, computer, ANYTHING WITH THE RECIEVER WORK). And could take over gas, electric, nuclear, batteries, etc. And nobody would ever need those things again

Reward: STOP pollution, no need for gas, electric, nuclear, or any other power.
By deSigNatic
An interesting concept that could actually work. although the US is not in sunlight for 24 hours they would have to be world (shared) energy transmitters. an early 20th century inventor named Nikola Tesla experimented with transmitting high voltage energy wirelessly but did not quite get it right. I think the US govt' actually uses part of his technology for their HAARP program (something like that) you can find out more by researching Tesla, he was an amazing man with some great contributions to electricity. mostly thought of as a crackpot though because he could not prove some of his wild theories. definately before his time.
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