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By AaronBurns
Any Muffin you can think of would taste much better if you simply filled the inside of it with your favorite, stuffed, filled, cream. Much like a cream puff, but this is done with the Muffin; a much more popular and more eaten food, especially at breakfast time when you need energy and flavor to wake you up and get you going. This would not only improve and renew the Muffin, but the industry would probably make more of them, driving the cost down on one of our favorite foods, and that would still be cost effective for them, simply by selling more of them, to all of us. If you do not have experience with a cream puff, they are a pastry that tastes fanominal and very sweet. Filled with a cream that's much like pudding, but much better. If you add that cream to the Muffin, you have the best tasting Muffin you can get!

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By Ideamonger
I think I'll talk to the guy at the local donut shop and see what he can do with this one. I'd love to have blueberry muffins filled with vanilla creme!

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