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By seewithlove
Problem: The "intermittent" wiper setting on my car is often not the right speed. When the rain lets up, it's still too fast and the wiper scrapes. When the rain starts to get harder, it's too slow and I can't see. When I slow up or slow down, the wiper speed doesn't.

Solution: Have a small photo sensor sitting inside the window pointing outside, at a place that is covered by the wiper but not in the view of the driver. The photo sensor sends data to a smart processor - that estimates the rain that's hitting the window and adjusts the wiper blade speed. It could "watch" the wiper blade go by to calibrate the settings of a clear, recently wiped window versus the build up of rain drops between wipes.

Reward: Want one.
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By Steve
I removed the "royalties" part in your reward (not allowed in here). If that's not ok with you, let me know.
By xanado
Currently, most European Mid and Top-of-the-range cars come with that!

I believe it is actualy based on conductivity of the glass panel, which obviously changes as the panel is wet.
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By Michael D. Grissom
TRUE!.. they are available on some upper end cars in the US also but I think they are all using the wrong type sensors.

I would monitor the current draw on the windshield wiper motor. The instant the wiper encounters a drier windshield the current will go up (increased load) and control circuitry would instantly know to reduce the speed - same for the opposite.
By xanado
Michael, your idea sounds brilliant, but what would happen when your wiper blades got old and the friction between them and the windshield decreased?

Wouldn't you system require fairly new blades all the time?

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