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By rose777
This product is a type of software built into your average keyboard. Basically, whenever a musician comes up with a tune/song in their heads, instead of writing it down manually, they can select a tempo on their keyboard (indicated by the screen, and by the sound of a chosen type of percussion), select record, and then after a 10 second count, the musician will begin playing their piece. Once finished, the musician presses stop. Then a floppy disk may be removed from the keyboard and inserted to a computer. The finished piece will be ready in music theory notation (like regular sheet music), and can be printed out.

Reward: The product.
By viridian
hasn't this been done (approximately) with software like sibelius and finale? Cakewalk? I'm not sure which ones do what but once you connect your keboard to your computer I'm pretty sure there are programmes that will do what you describe. tjhough it would be nice to have it as part of the keybord's own softwre too.
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