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By seewithlove
Problem: I gotta push da button when I get home to open my garage door. Why?

Solution: It seems, with the ready availability of wireless controls that my car can tell my garage door to open (and close). When I drive home, approach the garage, and get close enough that it's pretty obvious I'm going in, the garage door can open. Technically it's no challenge - we have wireless openers - we just need the car to automatically transmit the open command. We have key controls to unlock our, and only our, car - so we can have secure openers. The opener can also be smart enough to close the door when you leave.

While I'm at it, I want a smarter, wireless car interface - but that's another posting.

Reward: Just to know how much happier the world is.
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By Michael D. Grissom
How would the car know whether you wanted to park in the driveway to unload grocerys or load the kids or put the car in the garage for the night?

Someone who would ALWAYS put the car in the garage might be rare. As an option on a car, there must be a way the user can tell it where they want to park THIS time -- oops... there's that dang button again!

I suggest a simple voice recognition module to replace the button on your garage door remote. THEN... you can use a simple voice command to open or close.
By Jim3Col
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