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By AaronBurns
Since your cell phone is all ready hooked up to your satellite, all you need to keep from getting bored, is to have it play the latest thing; XM Radio on your cell phone. You could still hear the ring, since the radio would turn off, and the ring of choice would start. It would work just like a standard XM Radio where you have all the options and functions of XM Radio and you can have commercial free music of any type of music you choose.

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By Doug_F
sounds pretty cool, one thing thou is wouldn't that kill your cell's battery really quick? At least in my case my phone only lasts like 10 hours with normal use, so if i had a radio going it might make it run out quicker or no?
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By AaronBurns
Well, if you don't use your phone much then, you can listen until, your battery needs to be charged again, because, the radio wouldn't take hardly any battery to operate, all day.
Just imagine how long a standard radio lasts with simple store bought batteries. :-B
By Doug_F
if it could work w/ the batteries for a descent amount of time it would rule. how would you be getting sound? would it be through your phones normal speaker, because that isnt really something u'd want to listen to all day long
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By AaronBurns
You would, most likely, plug in head phones for stereo sound or, add two, seperate, side speakers for, stereo, from inside the phone.
By Fishy Bizniss
oh they have radios you can purchase separately like batteries or cases of chargers... they plug in to the bottom were your charger goes... my friend had one for his erriccson... its a really old invention...
By sneezyalex
I bought this really cool battery that can function for 180 hours before dieing. Use one of these! ;-D
By sebin
my name is sebin iam from india friends have FM integrated cell phone; Nokia series; i dunno about XMor the diffrence bwn FM and XM thats y i posted this message and that cell dosent take much power .
By Stewie123
AaronBurns wrote:You would, most likely, plug in head phones for stereo sound or, add two, seperate, side speakers for, stereo, from inside the phone.

theres a mod that some one can do add small speackers to the back of your phone ore somthing
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By Debunker
Unfortunately, this is not possible at this time unless the cell phone would incorporate a satellite antenna in addition to the radio antenna it already has. Having this extra antenna and receiver would require a large power supply and larger phones. The most simple solution would be to use the already integraded radio receiver and atenna to pick up regular radio frequencies which a lot of phones already do.

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