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It seems that currently internet advertising is moving into a new phase, called content sensitive advertising. Google is the main contender in this field with its adsense and adwords.

In another unrelated area of the net, Open Source is growing very fast, and in the 3rd corner is Peer 2 Peer software (or shared computing).

What makes adsense work so well is the amount of people that use it, and the google name behind it makes it better.

Think what would happen if a lot of small websites were to offer services like adsense... They would not work. But if they were to join in colaboration, developing open source adsense like software, they could be a step better.

To really compete, the little players need to work together have the advertising network built over p2p so all the players work in colaboration.

The network could be built on trust. So you trust your advertising partners, and they trust theirs etc. etc.

If any one wants to grab this idea and start running, I will gladly be a part of it (not that this is a requirement).

The only reason that I am submitting this idea, is that without the power of open source, little me can not compete with the google giant.

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By calvin_emperor
Hi !

I would like to know your full idea on how to kick-start this ?
I m in Shanghai, China.
Where are you from ?

I m operating China 1st eComics That TALKS ! at this moment.

Let's start to have a discussion .. if you are serious and that your idea is worth it ! To me it sounds that if you have a software that can help and assist then it will be workable ...

But I m willing to listen to what you have in mind !


By Ideaman
I have been racking my brain trying to come up with ideas.

I would like to chat more about this idea with you.

HOw can we chat with out me posting my number or email.


By kovox
I wnated to know if I could get in on the discussio nas well?

kovox wrote:I wnated to know if I could get in on the discussio nas well?


No real discussions have gone on yet, but I think that the best method of taking this forward would be to write a PHP based plugin for an existing open source advertising program to achieve this.
nativebreed wrote:Hi I created this a while back and i have been trying (well not really) to get people signed up.

The problem with a system like that is that it is a system based on a centralised server ( This gives all the control of the network. If goes down, the system goes down.

What this system needs is no main server. Every website needs to be running their own system, but have a standardised method of communication and finding other advertising systems.
By thecroth
I really like this idea. As a web developer and entrepreneur, I think it has a huge amount of potential. This could make advertising more open and less expensive and provide a nice alternative to Google Ads.

Infoweb is right. It would need to follow the P2P model of eD2k servers, or more recently, this would be the Diaspora of advertisements. If anybody is interested in starting this, I'd love to try to figure out how it might work on the technical side.
By thecroth
Oh one more thought. One problem with Google Ads is that they are really easy for users to block out with simple browser plugins. A p2p ad network would be a little bit harder to block because ads would being displayed from a lot of random domain names or perhaps just the local domain. This means that an ad blocker would need to work with the actual HTML to block it out, which is a bit trickier to do, although not impossible.

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