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By Steve
Recently, we had a lot of snow over here, and after some sledging and snowball-fighting, we all sank back-first into a huge pile of fluffy snow. Sitting there was just incredibly comfortable - the snow compressed and adapted just perfectly to the back and the spine. I could have sat there for hours (except for the cold).

This also reminded me of the way they make shoe lifts these days - you just step bare-footed into a box of soft foam, and a week later you have shoes that exactly fit your feet.

Add 1+1 and you start wondering why this system doesn't exist for furniture, in particular armchairs and couches. Just have them take a model of your stature, and get a perfectly comfortable armchair that is designed to fit YOU!

Reward: An armchair that fits me like a glove.
By Sidekra2
Steve, this is an awesome idea! How can you do a patent search on this idea to see if anyone has added "1+1"? I wanna know and I would love to work this idea out with you! -Sam : )
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By Steve
I guess the first thing would be to do a google search. :-? Before doing a patent search, this would first have to be turned into a patentable idea itself. Taking shoe lift technology and moving it to the furniture industry definitely isn't patent-worthy, but e.g. if you invent a cushioning material that has a memory effect, yet straightens out within a few minutes (hours?) - that might be it. Once you're sure that a similar product isn't on the market yet (google!), got to for the detailed search. But again, that only makes sense if there's something to patent in the first place. ;-)
By Rishi
Good idea. The water bed and the bean bag do the same thing by conforming to body contours and evening out pressure distribution. A refinement of these will probably get a product of universal applicability without the need for customising.

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By Beezy3
Good Idea! I wish I could add 1+1! lol
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By Beezy3
OOPS! someone already added 1+1! you can buy office chairs like that-I saw one on The Price is Right!
By viridian
Sounds like a job for memory foam. Might be a bit pricey though.
But definately a seductive idea.
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