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By Ugene21
Can you imagine, as you enter your house, tired from work, bathing sweat, and suddenly, a rush of wind blowing you as you sit down and rest? Until you found out later that your sweat is gone!

How about an electric fan that is capable of detecting incoming person and activate its powerful fan and can follow the direction of the target without moving its base. Then detects the temperature of that person and shuts off when the temperature is down.

Cool eh? :D
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By Michael D. Grissom
Attach a "Clap-on Clap-off" switch kit to your fan like that available at for remotely turning the fan off and on.

A directional servo system to keep the fan pointed at you would probably cost more than a room airconditioner.

If you really have your heart set on doing this though, you can buy one of these new computer video cams that have sensors/servos that keep the cam pointed at you. Then beef up the servo side and use it to keep the fan pointed at you.

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