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By Tanya25
I have a cat whom no matter what I do, likes to pee on things. I've used the spray that you put on your carpet or rug to get the scent out. It works but seems like he always finds a new place. I have an idea of putting the cat spray product in an air freshener unit, something you would plug into the wall, that puts out a scent in the room, that will have your cat going to the litter box and not going on your carpet. Also I have an idea to make cat nip into a liquid that you can spray your cats toys with. Catnip itself can be pretty messy.
By calixta
Both those things already exist...

The stuff for cats peeing all over is called Feliway.. I first saw it at a little local pet store but carries it too.

As for the catnip, you can pick that up most pet stores, or pet isles in big stores. It is also at and you can find it by looking up "spray catnip".
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