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By AaronBurns
Imagine shingling your house in one half hour, rather than back breaking labor for days. If you were to place hundreds of shingles on one large sticky roll and have it crane lifted to the top of the house and simply stick the shingle sheets covering the entire roof, then you would have a very fast and efficient way to shingle a house. It would also not leak, because it couldn't be lifted by the air or any outside conditions of weather. It would also have no break in between shingles, and there for would seal the entire roof. The only tool needed to complete the very fast process is a utility knife, which would be used to cut off any extra shingle material on the edges of the house. It could look like a regularly shingled house, or it could be more designish and you could add any logo, design, pattern, look, or even cartoon characters. It would be cheaper to make, and even more cheaper with hardly any labor cost!

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By Michael D. Grissom
WHAT????.. and put all those roofers out of business!!!

I did a quick google search on "rolled roofing" (using quotes) and found this on

Rolled Roofing
This type of roofing was used extensively in the past. It is inexpensive and installation does not require specialized labour or equipment. It does blister, however, and the blisters may break (when stepped on, for example) causing the roof to leak.

I see that it is still out there but for some reason isn't popular. Please let me know if you find out why.
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By AaronBurns
Mostly it went out of style due to the fact that it is slightly different than my idea. Rolled roofing is more like taring your roof to be rain proof and that requires that you reapply it constantly because it does break down.
My idea is too incorporate a better base material with the actual shingles layed out on top. Sort of a strong adhesive with the real deal all ready layed out over it.
Your research is correct though. The old taring method is a bad one and I have had alot of experience in laying it down. You can buy the same materials in a liquid bucket form any where and just lather your roof but, it would be almost worthless. The problem with the old rolled roofing is that it doesn't weather at all and all weather conditions ruin it. That's why you would want a strong, water proof, adhesive rather than tar.
My idea should work well with any kind of home. Even mobile homes or A frames.
The best part is that you could have the look or the real cedar shingles layed out on the ground and then literally just stick them to your roof. lol! A great idea! ;-D
By sk8mad85
it would cost way more money to get a crane to lift "shingles" on to your roof than to do it regularly.
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