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Just imagine the thousands of uses a handy pocket sized razor knife would have if you could simply put it in your pocket or fit it into your wallet. A knife that could easily be hidden and no one would know that you have it on you. A self defense mechanism or a tool with many uses. Handy on hiking trips, hunting, car repairs or cutting anything at all. It could even be a serated edged knife for handy sawing action. It could serve with many components of a Swiss Army knife if you only fit it into the size and shape of a credit card. It could even have a magnifying glass or a night light in it. You could potentially miniturize anything and put it into this credit card shaped and sized card. With this handy do it all you can pull it out in seconds or have several on hand for different uses.

Reward: Credit
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By Steve
I'm afraid I can't quite envision the finished product - if you put a light, a magnifying glass and "anything" on it, wouldn't the result be a swiss army knife, only even bigger? 8-o
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By AaronBurns
You would simply make them all thinner than the credit card.
You could add or subtract until you have the correct credit card version you like.
It just has to fit in a credit card.
A doable product idea here.
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By Steve
Sorry but I have never seen a light or a magnifying class as thin as a credit card. Are they part of your invention? :-?
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By AaronBurns
Just the switch blade knife would be enough.
Thanks! ;-D
By sneezyalex
I have seen a magnifying glass as thin as a credit card. I saw one at borders booksellers in the US.
By Aquanette
REI has the Swiss Army Card. It has several cutting devices that slip into the side of a credit card-sized holder.
By Rishi
Steve wrote:Sorry but I have never seen a light or a magnifying class as thin as a credit card. Are they part of your invention? :-?

A Fresnel Zone Plate magnifier is as thin as 1mm.
Knives and saws which are very thin will also be too flexible. Probably the edges of the credit card can themselves be the cutting and sawing tools. We can build a swing guard in plasic to cover these. The Fresnel lens can be the centrl area of the card.


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