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By BrainDatabase
Ok so USB zip drives were invented for use with computers, right? And they have recently been introduced to work with mp3 players, so my idea is a simple one and that is to incorporate the USB drive into VCRs and DVD players or even TVs. How easy would it be to upload pictures/movies onto the USB card and then simply put it into the TV, VCR or DVD player to watch? It would be very easy to transport your movies via your lightweight portable USB Cards instead of CDs and VHS tapes.

Reward: Credit, actual products.
By virole
Good idea but will lead to more readily available pirating of movies, music, ect.
By Um...Me123
I have a Philips 42" plasma TV that has a USB port on the side. You can listen to music, view photos, and even download firmware updates for the tv off the internet and load them into the tv. Not a expensive tv at all either. (compared to similar)

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