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By DFercho
What about a business that would cook a meal of your choosing for you to pick up based on a recipe that you sent them earlier in the week, the day before, or that day.

Would have to be a bit cheaper than going to a real restaurant, but should be doable as there would not need to be alot of overhead.

Just a large kitchen with some good cooks.

Again you could pre-order meals in advance for pick-up.

Much healthier than fast food, you could really start using the cook books that you get every year and only cook one this out of it... ever.

Reward: credit of some sort. free franchise.
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By Steve
Simple and brilliant! ;-D I'm sure however that it would be more expensive than a normal restaurant - normal restaurants can keep their prices low by buying in bulk, in this case they'd have to go shopping just for you. The cooks would have to be terrific, too (probably making the service even more expensive), because they'd just have one try, no practicing. Finally, what if you gave them a recipe that simply doesn't work? You'd definitely have to sign a disclaimer that you won't complain about the result, as long as it's covered by the recipe.
By sneezyalex
How about you just hire your own personal chef? They will cook anything you want. :-)
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By magicat
Personal chefs cost a LOT.
By Astaroth
Whilst it is a reasonable idea my immediate concern would be dealing with complaints about the food. How are you going to differenciate between a poor recipy and a poorly cooked meal? When a resturant provides both there is no need to as they are responsible for both but if a customer sets the recipy you have the potential for issues.

You also have the potential for bad publicity with people saying the food was awful when really what they mean is that their receipies were awful.

As others have mentioned it would probably cost more than a resturant as you have losing a lot of the bulk buying that they would do when they have a fixed menu and you are also getting chefs to make each item only enough times to cover the single table where as something like a soup in a resturant is made by 1 chef but enough to feed all the expected covers in one go which is much more labour efficient.
By bherman
No good.
Personal Chef is your only option.
80% of restaurant flop within the first year.
Besides, you would have "non chefs" sending "chefs" their recipes who know nothing about costing a menu or food cost % or any of the other aspects.
It would be better to just learn how to cook. lol
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By Ecc_1:9
I think it's best to stick with recipes you know taste good. Sometimes recipes call for ingredients that just aren't necessary, or add a whole different flavor to the meal.

I never follow recipes to the "T" when it comes to just cooking up a meal. Only when I'm baking, or making sauces and need exact measurements, etc.

You have to know what tastes good together in order to make a good meal, and most of what tastes good is held in the opinion of the person eating. For example, I would never put green peppers in a meat sauce for spagetti, but my brother-in-law's family puts green pepper in practially everything. It tastes good to them, but not to me.

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