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By shalsim
Hardcourt, clay, grass... now introducing the glow-dome. Basically it's a tennis court 'bubble' where the players compete in total darkness. Visual elements such as ball, net, court-lines, tennis apparel (head bands, shoes, etc..) and racquets will glow in the dark. Everything else is not visible. This will offer players a new 'experience' not unlike a vector-based videogame reminiscent of TRON + the added clustophobic element. At this stage I envisage only player participation, as I do not know how to incorporate lines people, umpire, spectators and maintain this 'bubble' condition (everyone would have to be outside the bubble looking in. Plus the type of glazing required to block out total light from the outside).

Reward: watching the russian female players play in their glow-in-the-dark underwear will suffice.
By nov8r
This would be a cool idea for raquetball and more practical being confined indoors. I would have a glowing line around walls to avoid collision.
But sorry, no glowing russian panties. I guess you could try glow in the dark paint with you girlfriend and a blacklight, if you have one, girl that is.
By salexa
What are the steps to becoming a tennis pro? I love tennis and have my whole life. I was wondering what the steps are to becoming a pro, what you need to go through, and how to join the ATP tennis league. Anyone with any info plz respond.
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