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By kessmann1
When taking a golf lesson, the student can't instantly see himself swing. Video instant replay (if used) is at best from one viewing angle only. The student is usually at a loss to understand what exactly the Pro is talking about. Moreover, the Pro can only view the student from one side. My idea is to create a 3D hologram of the student in action. The student can then "step out of himself" and along with the Pro view the replayed hologram in start stop action. Both the student and the Pro could then walk around the hologram to view faults and make corrective actions.

Reward: A picture perfect golf swing for all.
By Solens_van
I think that if that was possible, it could be used for any sport, not only golf. It would provide a wonderful tool for the study of the biomechanics and it would be useful for athletes, baseball players, soccer players, dancers...

But how would you exactly do that? What is needed for that? Ultra-sound "cameras" (kind of "sonars") for ecolotacion of the student or how?
By kessmann1
I agree that the concept would be applicable to any sport.
The Walt Disney Coporation has been producing holograms for at
least 25 years. The first I saw was in The Haunted Mansion at Disney
World wherein holograms of people are dancing in the ballroom of the mansion.
The latest application I've seen referenced is in Springfield, Illinois
where holograms portray Abraham Lincoln and his opponent Steven Douglas debating in the presidential election of 1860.
The films Shreck and Shreck II show what can be produced with state of the art computer technology. In those films, human images
were used as the bases for the movements of the characters.
Then there is the 3D movies that were made many years ago. To be sure, speacial glasses had to be used to view these films. An example is the origianal version of Alfred Hitchcocks' movie "The Birds". Having to use such glasses would be acceptable for the application being considerd.
How the images are collected and displayed is beyond me. However these examples show that at least the projection part of the process is feasible.
By kessmann1
There is an optical device on the market that produces a hologram. To be sure, the size is for use as a conversation piece on a coffee table. The device consists of two concave and highly polished circular mirrors that snap together like a pot and its cover. The item to be projected is placed in the center of the bottom mirror. The hologram then hovers outside the top mirror projected through an aperture at the center of this top mirror. A larger scale version would permit a hologram of a person to be displayed. Could it be that a much larger scale device of this sort was used by Siegfried and Roy in their famous Las Vegas act of making an elephant appear and then suddenly disappear?
By Cobra
[quote="kessmann1"]Could it be that a much larger scale device of this sort was used by Siegfried and Roy in their famous Las Vegas act of making an elephant appear and then suddenly disappear?[/quote]

If we are both thinking of the same trick, I think know how they did it. I saw something on TV about it. The elephant was enclosed in an area with bamboo rods covered with leaves. The rods also had mirrors on them (perpendicular to viewers). First, there was a puff of smoke and a flash of light. This was to distract the eyes of viewers. At that instant, the bamboo rods turned so the mirrors covered the gaps between the rods, blocking the view of the elephant. The mirrors reflected other parts of the stage that looked very similar to the backdrop behind the elephant.

Back to inventions...

I have an idea of how to do this without using a holograph. Take many sensors (I don't know specifically what kind would work) and record the golfer's swing. Each frame gathered from the sensors is turned into a 3D computer model. Through some computer program, you can view the swing in 3D from any direction on your monitor.
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