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By nicholas anthony
Talking directly to people is one of the few ways to let them know your marital status. For shy people like myself this is not very easy. Some of us (shy people) would really like to talk to others at times but find it extremely hard. If we had designated tee shirts meant to display our thoughts that would be awesome. My shirt could say 'I am single and shy, talk to me'. Wearing this at the right time could help influence a person that likes you to go the next step. This would also help people who are very slow to act. These shirts could help these slow people to have a lot more opportunities finding a woman they like. Couples could also buy the shirts for each other. Colors could also designate what the wearer is thinking. If these become popular enough a clothing line could be made.

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By nicholas anthony
This is *very* similar to wearing a wedding ring. However, I think there should be something more than no ring to say your single, especially if you are wanting to date. Also, some people wear nice rings or maybe can't afford them, and you can't tell their status. Of course a person could just grow a backbone and ask everyone they like. I just think this should be easier than it is... If anyone has some suggestions they would be helpful. For now, it looks like if you don't like a person enough to ask them, it isn't 'worth' it. However, norms change and maybe it's just the culture I live in. :-? I live in the mideast. Ohio... :,-(

LOL :-b
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By Steve
From my experience, those people who grow no backbone are typically those who get turned down too often. It's easy to be a macho (insert an equivalent term here if you're a girl) when everyone likes you, but if your efforts are not rewarded, the chances that you'll grow a sexually confident ego are very limited. So any idea that will increase your general success ratio would serve the purpose, but don't forget that many individuals (men and women alike) are not exactly turned on by "prey" that's too easy too catch (like I said in another thread, we're all animals ;-) ).
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By Beezy3
It might be kinda insulting to the people who would end up wearing I'm single shirts. I mean who wants to tell the world that no one's interested in them, I surely wouldn't!

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