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By todpunk182
Hey i got an idea. Large ultra thin computer screens that could be hung from the wall like pictures. They would have a connection to a personal computer in the house. Browse the internet or scan photos onto the computer and upload them onto these screens around the house. Basically you could have ultra clear wall pictures throughout your house of whatever you wanted and could change them whenever you wanted! Picture a huge screen with an ultra sharp mona lisa on it one week, and then a huge family photo on it the next. Frames could even be put on them to make them look like real pictures.

Reward: recognition
By Stormy
I have a design ready for such a display, infact. But as you may know the invention process can be very taxing and i'm having to put it on hold until i can realize some other designs. Hopefully i'll get around to this one before someone else does :-S !!
By aspiazu1
I love this idea. I remember seeing something along those lines. Here's a link:
Great for folks who don't have a home computer but still wants updated pictures of loved ones elsewhere.
So you could basically send pictures to someone else's frame of if you have one of your own, send pics to your own frames!

It's really cool.
By nickyhiten
Check out the description of my invention. It's called " Insight", under miscellaneous(should be active next week) Now imagine using your idea and mine combined, by simply plugging your pc into the insight machine?
Brilliant idea you have.

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