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By shalsim
After a shower what do you do? Reach for the towel. Unfortunately there is no absorbtion-distribution system for the towel.
1. Most of the towel absorbs the water from your hair, which leaves limited absorbable areas to dry the rest of your body (or vice versa).
2. For those people who make the mistake of drying their groin area first, this would be an 'inconvenience'--especially if the next thing you want to dry is your face.

Solution: buy two towels, OR I propose a towel with a waterproof lining inbetween the 'two sides' of the towel. That way it would be possible to dry your hair with one side of the towel, then use the other 'completely dry' side of the towel to use for the rest of the body, etc.

Reward: For Jennifer Lopez to model in the towel. I would then use the towel to dry my face.
By Daniel_J
I think this is a wonderful idea and i am intending on designing this product for a science project. The material i am proposing to use as the core to stop water seaping through he towel is an aluminium sheet. The Reason for this is that aluminium is a heat obsorbant, so it will not only keep one side of the towel dry but also keep you warm. But there is only one problem, I need a name for this product. So, anyone who has an idea please dont be affraid to speek up it would be i big help.

Thanx this was a great idea.
By shalsim
thankyou for believing in my idea and good luck with the project.
As for the name I have no idea.
By Daniel_J
Thanx for the reply. Yeah, umm, as for a name i was maybe thinkin if the Al Towel. Reason, well i said i was going to use a piece of aluminium, like the aluminium made to use a survival blanket, so yeah Al Towel, well you've got Al Foil so why nat the Al Towel? What do You Think
By Daniel_J
hey can i just ask how and why you decided on this invention
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