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By rick praskac
I once was the procurement manager of an international relief agency... we got all types of FREE items to answer needs here in USA and in 3rd world.

It is easy to find companies which trash items others can use. one small letter yeilded nearly half a million dollars in used medical equipment-most of which worked just fine. Some needed repairs.

I'd like a pool of timely referrals from industry and the public to form a clearing house to facilitate this exchange.

Reward: seeing it work, helping it work
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By Steve
This is a great idea - if you're serious with "helping it work", I could probably contribute a section of the Creativity Pool forums.
By oldasdirt1k

Your idea is sound and good. And can be used to 'beef up' our source depleted schools. Paper is costly and can easily be used from many sources. I was a 'dumpster diver' for several decades or 30 yrs and experinced the WASTEFULNESS of the most rich and wastefull nation. Comanpies are going into 'bankrupty' everyday, or downsizing or changing their names or quiting, ALL have paper products to get rid of. Such as stationarys or promtional materials and paper aids. Also they can give up all their OFFICE SUPPLIES and Staplers and Staples, Staple removers, rulers, pens and pencils, felt pens, etc. Also a HUGE waste resource would be the Cereal Wholesale warehouses, or any product aimed at the 'KIDS' market. They have colorful signs, pictures, promo devices, shelves, ends, etc. that can be used to save money in the schools by having thes e material donated and used. They are usually of 'High' quality materials. They can be saved from yyr. to yr. and reused. Wholesale Advertisments are loaded with fantastic materials all aim at the KID market. Contact ur local wholesaler that puts the advertisments in the stores and ask them for their extras. These wholesalers are very THEME oriented! ALL to often they could also give to the schools or certain classes food products that are being PROMOTED.
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