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By rocketeer1985mlm
Time is tansfer of energy which depends on a lot of factors, mainly on the type of matter but also the speed at which at which it moves through the universe. My simple idea is that we make a common time for when people are living outside of our own galaxy because it is a known fact that time is not the same at different speeds and no two galaxies seem to have the same speed so what may seem like an earth hour there might not be an earth hour exactly, and when it comes to the transfer of data and the ability to make all peoples of the universe co-exist we need a common date and time system. Of course they would have to have a form of local time and that can be dependent on who ever lives in that region of the universe depending on their own planets movements. I think it is safe to leave that up to the locals to develope a system that is comfortable to them. However, as for a common time for the whole universe, we would need to agree on some sort of common system. Maybe earth time would be most peoples first choice, but sadly there is no safe way to tell how much longer earth will be here or if earth's speeds may some point be changed by its movement through the universe. I think that we need to pick calculate or somehow measure the speed of time at zero movement. This could then be used as the main source of time for the universe. We could even use the earth's month and year system to make it easier and more comfortable for everyone. "Universal Earth Time" I think is a fitting name. It would be the measurements of our time now in relation to the time's speed at zero speed and so people everywhere can measure their zero speed and keep up with their universal earth time and date. This would be a better way for people to write a history of the universe because it would be too hard to deal with all the local times and dates, nd again I must stress that data transfers need a percise and use universal time. Without this timing you could not send information to other galaxies. Of course, I'm still now sure how data moving through the universe would be affected as it moved trough galaxies of different speeds. Thats something people need to start looking into, how can we keep timing when time itself is changing. I just came up with this on break at work, if any of you think its workable let me know. I would love to help brainstorm and develope a new system of time that the whole universe can find to be useful.

Reward: Just credit along with whoever else helps, so everyone in the universe will know our names for billions of years to come. :-p

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