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By Simon Jones
I want to put an Audio CD into a device that sits on my bookshelf. A CD player. A CD player that could be a single unit or part of a compact Hi-Fi unit. I want the CD to play and record to a hard disk and be stored internally on the device. I want the CD title, author, artist, tracks etc to be stored on the device so I can replay the CD again later without having to put the original back in again.

Sure, this is not a new idea, and MP3 players and CD recorders are available on the market today, but where is the simple device. Put in CD. Play and record to Hard disk. Simple, small device on my bookshelf. Store 1000 CDs and protect my collection. CDs don't last forever especially with kids!

I would pay $1000 for such a machine, say a Denon or Sony device that was simple and easy to use. Is there one out there? I can't find one. Internal Hard Drives these days are small in size and big on storage. 40GB would cover it, surely. Look at Digital video recorders like the Tivo or Sky+ systems. Am I behind the times or is there a device out there already?

Reward: I just want one!
By Lophe
Its an awsome idea but it would cost ALOT of money and procesign power. First the cd has to be riped. Now if its goign to be riped and turned in to mp3 it would take 30min atleast for each cd to be ripped. Then it would have to have a lot of space on the hardive in order for you to have all thows mp3s.
By ftfmayo
This may be common knowledge but I just discovered that I could plug a "y" adapter into the sound card of my pc and then into the audio input of my stereo reciever and and listen to my windows media player files through the stereo.

Software plug-ins are also available for media player that turn your two small pc speakers into surround sound. Tru-sound or circle surround, you can demo at web site. check it out it is amazing.
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