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By shalsim
I propose that the start-up sound of your PC be changed or at least cofigurable to play spoken word definitions. This allows the average person to increase their vocab everyday, when they turn on their computer each morning at work, effortlessly and unconciously.

Reward: shalsim (noun) - godlike; of perfection. brilliant and generously endowed.
By fee-fee
I'll introduce that word into my vocabulary!!
By adc85
I think this would be better than getting emails every day from some dictionary website that defines one word. By hearing it (and I guess seeing it too) as soon as the computer starts-up, they are forced to be exposed to that one word every time rather than having the option of just skipping the word for one day (or more). Heh.
By Jack Nobbz
It'd be really simple to do, if you're interested, learn to program and make it ^-^

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