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By Steve
Remember the times when people where looking down on everbody who had a tatoo?

Well, the same is probably true when someone discovers that the remainders of the salad you had for lunch are still sticking to your front tooth. But this is only a problem for prejudiced people. In the near future, this will be a priviledge: people will be able to choose color and shape of the food particles that are sticking to their teeth. Of course, since the food particles are artificial, they will not only serve as a decoration, but they will also protect your teeth from caries.

Reward: Free artificial food particles whenever I need them.
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By Uncle Quentin
Most excellent idea. Maybe it would go quite nicely with sparkly dandruff, made out of tiny flakes of glitter which are sprinkled into the hair after washing, and glittery 'wax' which of course is artificial and placed into the ear crevice to shine. (Glittery would not be the only style; you could also have denim, angel hair or natural wood effect.)
By Stig Bakke's brother Stig
But Steven - with the snorkel in your mouth, we can't see the Artificial Food Particles (tm)! 8-)
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By Steve
Why - can't you see them coming out of the pipe? %-6
By Stig Bakke's brother Stig
Ah... that would explain it. So I guess the hard part would be making sure the particles don't dissolve in water?

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By Steve
What do REAL food particles do to stick to your teeth? I think they hook themselves to the tiny spaces between your teeth... - Using some type of glue like they use for artificial teeth :-D might also be a solution.
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By magicat
All you have to do is dry your teeth, then aply super glue. :-D

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