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By AaronBurns
If your pans were heat resistant all the way around the sides and the handle as well then you would have the perfect egg pan, but you could also have a pan that wouldn't accidentily cook the food around the sides which always burns then you have to scrub the pan sides before washing them. The idea is to keep the heat source from underneath the pan only in the area of the bottom of the pan. You could rest that spatula on the side without it getting hot and use plastic like is the rage in America. A plastic spatula would melt resting on the sides of a hot pan. You could rest any utensil on the side while cooking.

Reward: A free set of pans when mine wear out.
By sneezyalex
What type of metal?
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By AaronBurns
Probably a ceramic composite with a heat resistance of around 1500 Degrees fahrenheit like a kelm for pottery.
Much like a ceramic knife; it can be very strong and durable and not fragile just because it is ceramic.
By sneezyalex
Like clay?
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By AaronBurns
Not clay it self. What the kelm is made of.
By Rishi
The problem needs redefining. Heat resistance is not what is required. The cookware as they exist are heat resistant. What is probably meant is poor heat conduction of the sides so that they are relatively cool.

All cookware handles have to conform to applicable UL or CE standards, which specify satisfactory perfomance. The issue is different where the sides of the vessel are concerned.

One needs a good conductivity for the base so that heat applied outside by a gas stove or other heat source can cook the food, which implies a metal. A nonconductor (Ceramic, composite, or plastic) is needed to keep the sides cool . The technological problem is to get the intergrity of the joint of such a composite structure under use conditions.

There may be one solution. Watlow of USA have invented a plastic pan with an integral electric heater in the base. This may meet all the requirements specified.

By helco
There is now a solution for at least part of the problem -- the part where the plastic spoon melts against the hot edge of the pot. It's called the Trudeau pot clip holder -- it clips onto the edge of a pot and holds the spoon, keeping it out of the pot, away from the edge, and off the counter.

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