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By Robert Pitts
I have a son who constantly leaves the TV on when leaving the room. Often it can be on for an hour or more without anyone watching. I propose an infrared/motion sensor similar to burglar alarms be built into the TV to determine whether anyone is watching. If nobody is in the room for more than 2 minutes (or other specified time), the screen drops out (in the same fashion as computer monitors go into power saving mode). The sound remains on but drops out a little later. Finally, the TV goes to standby mode. Of course, if the watcher re-enters the room after only a short absence, the sensor detects this and immediately turns on the screen again.

Reward: Knowing I helped to save the environment and a TV with this capability.
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By Steve
Add a "kitchen mode" button so you can still go and make yourself a sandwich without the screen going dark. Especially useful if you're watching a football game and still want to listen to the commentator while you're out of the room. ;-)
By sneezyalex
They already have timers on the TV's. What is wrong with that? :-?
By Robert Pitts
Timers require activation by a responsible user. They turn off the TV at a set time rather than responding to the actual movements of the user. A timer set for 1 hour would still have the TV on and wasting power if the user left the room after only 10 mins. :-C
By sneezyalex
Kinda like those senser they have in cars to determine if a person is wearing his safety belt?
Those things can also detect if a person is there or not.
Why not use something like that? :-?
By timmyj
This is a good idea!

But what about couch potatos who don't move around much?

Would it then also promote healthier living -- because they would have to do some physical activity to keep watching TV??

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By cynet
I like the Idea. A very sensitive IR Motion dector would work. Just add a delayed timer and when it doesn't detect motion it would turn the TV off. You could probably purchase this off the shelf from a store. The only problem is it would turn off the TV, so entering the room would most likely not turn it on. Unless it is a older TV set.
By MPSAtenza
;-D well, i agree that this is in fact a very intelligent idea. just wondering if the current market already has this kinda product or similar....
By azland00123
I lay on the couch and watch t.v. after the kids are in bed. But I could have a button on the remote to activate/deactivate the sensor and set the timer to a specific amount of time. You Could also use the mouse Idea and wake the t.v. up by pushing a button on the remote.
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