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By AaronBurns
Have you ever dropped a two hundred dollar fishing pole and it went three hundred feet straight to the bottom of the lake or Ocean?

Well, if that pole floated then you could just pick it back up without having to stop your vacation to go back to the fishing shop and spend your hard earned money on some cheap imitation of what you had all your life or one your family heirloom handed down throughout the years. If the pole floated with an inner core of floating foam or an attachment you could add to your existing pole placed out of the way near the reel, then you could keep the best and most expensive pole for life with out ever again worrying about losing it ever!

Reward: Free floating poles for the whole family.
By timmyj
Hmm, am I crazy drawing a parallel between losing fishing poles and parachuting???

I haven't really done much of either... ;)

There seems to exist parachute technologies that deploys at a certain altitude -- which I think is based on air pressure, no?

What if the fishing pole had a little CO2 catridge (the common kind, like you use for carbonation or BB guns), and after a certain depth it deployed a big CO2-filled counter-ballast?

There's probably way too much CO2 in those things than needed, but since the fishing line can't be cut easily, maybe a big garbage-bag-sized thing rising to the surface fast would recover both the pole -- and the fish!!!

My buddy who dives used to say water pressure is very intense very quickly as you go down – so it should be pretty safe to “sense” actual deep submersion -- to avoid false triggering??
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By Jonathan D
Maybe have the fishing pool be cork based. Or maybe have an adaptor to add to any fishing pole, so as to make it universal.
By Rishi
Why not strap on the equivalent of a life jacket to some part of the pole?

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By AaronBurns
We can't attach it to us but, we could attach it to the boat.
In some cases the fish could turn out to be big enough to take the person and or the boat down with it attached to anything! :-o
By Rishi
I agree. Though as a vegetarian my knowledge of fishes is confined to aquaria.

What I was suggesting was to attach a properly designed floatation device to the pole so that it would float incase it falls off.

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By AaronBurns
Thanks Rishi!
But, that was one main particular part of the initial idea all ready.
Also, I enjoy your intelligent input so, keep blogging my ideas. You really are quit smart and what I have read about you in other blogs and you should be rich not poor! (Don't take the word "poor" as an insult since, I am as well)
Thanks again! ;-D ;-D ;-D
Good luck in your future endevours making millions!
By Rishi
No offence taken Aarons. An academic in India rarely makes money.

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By AaronBurns
I think that over time your use of knowledge will grant you great rewards if only you were to move to America.
The only problem with that is, you would then have to sit at a desk for eight hours a day for ten years before you get the good job!
Good luck!
We pray for you! ;-D
By Rishi
Thanks a lot Aaron! No regrets. There are certain spiritual compensations in India, which largely override material ones.

By jrmock
I invented a device in the early 1990's that attaches to a fishing rod blank just forward of the handle assembly fitting itself by using the natural taper of the rod. I sold several thousand of them, but tried to do too much myself and eventually ran out of time and $$. The design was perfect, the material I used was not.

During my patent research I discovered there had been several patents awarded over the years to solve this problem, including a water soluable device that upon dissolving, chemically reacted to the water to create a gas which expanded to fill a balloon that was attached to a line wound around a small spool.

I have considered manufacturing these again, but this time using the material I should have used the first time. I have been trying to decide if there is a strong enough market for this and thus have not invested the $15-25,000 of manufacturing dollars for tooling and the initial inventory.

I'd welcome any comments you might have to see if there is a strong enough market for this. My initial business plan and research indicated that kids and seniors might be the best market, although I met professionals that were just as excited about it since many of the rigs they use cost several hundred dollars.
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By AaronBurns
You could redesign the end loop of the pole to have a detachable "Bob" that feeds lign out into the casting area and when you lock the reel the "Bob" goes down the line freely floating and freely moving along the line.
then when you reel in your line the "Bob" would them reattach to the tip; still with the line through it just like one of the loops on the top along the pole.
Where to place a floating device is one thing and a material is another.
What about a plastic pressure gauge and as soon as the pole goes under water a CO2 Cartrige expands like you chemical the dissolves. ;D
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