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By zyx Rationalist
We already know about voice recognition. Now imagine what will happen if we create Pet voice recognition.

It can be done with todays technology, it will be really simple for those who develop it. Put a tiny wireless microphone connected to the computer in the pet's neck belt (for freedom of movement). Put a wireless speaker phone head set on you connected to the computer. Record all the things that your pet does after a certain sound it makes. If the matching sound already exists in the database then the program should tell you what the pet is going to do. After a period the pet will learn what to expect from you when it does a certain sound.

Maybe you will start chatting with it?

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By lovetta604
i think this is a good but mabye a far fetched idea it would be good if it could go as far as them telling us wots wrong with them cause them mabye hay would live longer and we could make new friends and then they might not be so scared of us :-) ;-7 O:-) :-P
I think this is a good idea, but you could go farther. A pet door could be created that can only be opened by your pet. (Good in cases where it is a large dog door). :-D
By AaronAgassi
This assumes both a great deal of consistency and a range of variety in vocalizations from pets.
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By Michael D. Grissom
I wonder how many various sounds a pet can make that are outside of human hearing frequency range but well within special microphone ranges that could be used as computer decipherable "pet talk".

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By Michael D. Grissom
"Available only in Japan" -- I wonder if this means they are looking for someone to market it in other countries. hmmmmmm
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