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By Sudarshan
Suggesting that each suburb in a city should be run as a strategic business unit, with the individual tax collection or a large percentage of it going towards meeting local development needs like education system and unemployment within the same suburb, consequently the more the employement the more the spending budget would increase for the suburb, giving a incentive to the corporator running the suburb to ensure higher employment.

The corporate tax collection from the suburb with a small % retained the rest going to the central pool.

This system could be a prevalent one but from where I come from....we could do with such administration.

Reward: Tell me ways to make it workable
By AaronAgassi
The problem is, that poorer communities suffer without tax help from richer ones. Not to mention that there are faculties that need to be shared, for a number of good reasons.

Perhaps a strategy could be borrowed from the Charter school concept, and communities that do poorly get "taken over" by more capable administrations drawn from more successful communities.

In this way, completion is introduced.
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