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With a zipper and/or buttons in the back, just like the ones in front, we can solve many problems. First of all those of us who haven't a common pants size have no way to purchase said product from a normal store. We are either to chubby or too short and chubby to find our size. Also, we have a stylish way of wearing our jeans hanging down low and we can either have the option of the proper tight fit pants or go for the low style at any graduated point we set the back too. In many places such as schools and Universities and other places, it is not allowable to wear your jeans down around the hips exposing your under garments, so we just button or zip up in the back and the problem is solved. If we wear these pants when we over eat we could then take off the pressure on the jeans and allow room for a good fit until digestion takes place. These pants could be worn backwards as well which is another style all together. Many problems could be solved by these size changing jeans and pants I am proposing here.

Reward: A few pair for me.
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By Steve
Aaron, I'm afraid this is one of your ideas I simply don't understand. ;-) Now does it have a zipper or is it size changing? :-? If you overeat, your belly will grow, but not your behind (at least not immediately :-D ) so why put a zipper on the back? Plus, due to physical reasons, an open fly can remain hidden, having the same on your behind will very much expose you. ;-) Finally, what are the advatages of this idea over the fabulous inventions of belts, suspenders and stretch jeans? :-?
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By AaronBurns
It is mainly so you can adjust the size of the waste band to what ever size so you can have them up or have them hanging down.
A tight one size fits all waste band can hurt or cause you circulation problems.
It is not possible to wear stretchy pants to show off your under wear like alot of people do today.
So, we intend to show off the back for fashion and we can also have them be tight when at school where we are not supposed to wear our pants low in the back.
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By Steve
Ok so this idea is basically like my infamous "Artificial Food Particles" - cool! :-D
Long ago, I'm talking the sixties here, we had wonderful back waist zippers.
Women do not need front zippers and they fit so well in the back.
With a back zipper you really don't need a waistband.
I think it is an excellent idea.

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