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By Michael Howells
For teachers and little kids its always annoying to get chalk all over your fingers so why not just use a holder for your chalk so you don't get all dirty white hands.

Reward: I duno
By lovetta604
ggod idea there is nothing worse when you have it all over your hands them you touch your face our your clothes :-o
By Stig Bakke's brother Stig
Ever heard the one about the physicist, the beautiful woman, the bag of flour and the jealous wife? :-D
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By Steve
No, but if you write it down, I could read it out loud. :-B
By kor
:-X When I was in high school 10 yrs ago, The teacher I was sleeping with had "chaulk holders" already.
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A teacher I had in elementary school had a metal device that held chalk.
By colacool2003
hate to brake it to ya but that was made a long time ago ;-D
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