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By benhsm
Even though the Express tickets have somewhat decreased the endless waits at the Disney Worlds and alike, I still think it can be done in a better way: When you enter the park, you should be able to proceed to a computer screen, on which you can enter your itinerary for the day. The computer then calculates and reserves the time slots when the specific rides are available. This way you can get the most out of your day. Granted, it does make it seem like work, having to follow a possibly tight schedule but anything beats standing in line for an hour for some silly ride.

Reward: Life time free access?
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By Beezy3
I dunno I don't mind waiting in line the again we only have a fair once a year so it doesn't concern me that much, but it could work
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By cynet
I have been to "WDW" and "WDL" and I understand your Issues.
Waiting is a waste of time. A computer itenary is a great idea.
Both Walts should submit more "Personal Transist" so everyone can get to their (ride) on time. I would be willing to submit to a [computer list] if it meant I could see every ride before my vatation is over.

Better yet, when you check in to your hotel, you sellect your rides you defeniatly want to ride. You "virtually" check out everything you want to see and the computer scheduals it for you. You meet the deadlines, you wait in no lines, and you don't whine! :-)
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By Steve
cynet wrote:Waiting is a waste of time.

I would suppose that, with a computer itinary, people would feel the waste of time even stronger. As long as they are queued up, people somehow have the feeling that they are already part of the show, but when they have to stroll around in the park whiling away their time they might get the feeling that they have paid for something that they are actually unable to use. :-?

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